what exactly coronavirus?

What is Coronavirus ?

After taking 106 lives in China and forcing a government lockdown in 20 cities with 56 million people residing in it, Coronavirus has become everyone’s worst nightmare in the country. what is it exactly ? Let’s find out!

Originated from the Latin word Corona which means crown, it was given the name Coronavirus as it appears like a solar crown under microscope. Earlier, this virus was commonly transmitted through animals to humans, but the recent outbreak in China has been identified by the authorities as a human to human transmitted virus.

As the major outbreak is in Wuhan, China has sealed its borders to contain the momentum of the virus spreading. Various countries are now conducting screening process at the airport to restrict people from Wuhan and some are even evacuating their residents from Wuhan.

While WHO has said it’s not a global emergency, there’s also no vaccination available for the same as yet.

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