What documents do you need to sell your house?

When you plan to sell your property, one of the first things that you would need are the right documents. We know it’s pretty basic, but each document should be on point. Therefore, without amiss, note down the type of documents that you would need when you have to sell your house.

1. Letter of Allotment :

  • A letter confirming the allotment of certain property to you from the authorities or the society that your apartment is located in is one of the first documents you need.
  • You can ask the “development authorities”; by sending a request or your dealer to help you procure this document.

2. Sale Deed :

  • A sales deed is a document that states the ownership of any property. A property with clear sales deed and title gets a more significant rate in the market.
  • It has agreements done with past proprietors; original registration receipts or the first letter of allotment to the primary proprietor by the authorities.

3. Sanctioned plan :

  • A sanctioned plan is a layout of your property can found in the city records.
  • You need to provide a xerox of the affirmed building plan and occupation authentication by the skilled authority to verify any discrepancies.

4. Society document :

  • Your society needs to sign a document that authorises the shift in ownership of your property.
  • Authorization to move the property must be acquired from association members.
  • You can ask the chairman of the society to help you procure this document.

5. Encumbrance Certificate :

  • For evidence of the title an Encumbrance certificate; is compulsory before finally sign the sales agreement; for handover your property.
  • It shows that your property is clear of all legal dues, if any. This document is important to make sure the property doesn’t have any conflicts.
  • You have to procure this document from a nearby city registrar office.

6. Sales Agreement :

  • Last but not least, once you have presented all the documents, the sale will not be completed until you finally have a legal sales agreement in place.
  • For this document, you have to register your property; as per the circle rates of your area.
  • Your lawyer or dealer can help you procure the agreement.

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